12 Lit Anti-Drop K-Pop Songs To Check Out

Nothing quite hits the spot like a good beat drop — except, that is, a good anti-drop. An anti-drop is basically what it sounds like: when a song builds energy and excitement, but then instead of offering a lit beat drop followed by a climactic chorus, it gives way to a more minimal, sometimes quite empty-sounding chorus Continue Reading

16 K-Pop Songs To Boost Your Confidence

We’ve all heard the saying “confidence is key,” but at times it can be hard to feel good about ourselves and our abilities no matter how hard we try. Some days it’s just because we’re feeling blue; other days it’s because of a biting comment that hit us where it hurt. Then there are those Continue Reading

Blast From The Past: 10 K-Dramas Turning The Big 10 In 2021

It’s that time again where we turn back the clock by 10 years and revisit some of the more memorable dramas from a decade ago. Many of the dramas from that time drew huge followings and greatly bolstered the popularity of many actors, who would continuously churn out great entertainment in the years to come. For obvious Continue Reading

Open Thread #692

I recently read an article published late last year. CLOY was the most popular drama in 2020. It attained huge staying power and media coverage throughout the year, especially in international markets. But the writer concluded HB and SYJ mainly were rewarded for their popularity and not acting achievement. The main CLOY awards won were Continue Reading

The Best Of GOT7: Memorable OT7 Events That Brought Laughter, Smiles, And Tears

For the past seven years, GOT7 has been actively connected with the I GOT7 fandom (called Ahgase for short) through music, variety shows, live broadcasts, and social media interactions. They have dedicated their bodies and souls to deliver their best performances to date, as well as their tremendous achievements. While the members have unanimously agreed not to Continue Reading

5 Things We Loved & 1 Thing We Hated About Episodes 9-12 Of “Mr. Queen”

Another week, another two rollicking episodes of “Mr. Queen.” The show has just passed the halfway mark with episodes 11 and 12 having aired this past weekend, and it hasn’t slowed a bit in intensity or storytelling. “Mr. Queen” is treading new waters with a man’s soul in a woman’s body falling in love with Continue Reading

7 K-Dramas To Warm Up To This Winter

Those winter vibes. weheartit Sometimes when you watch a K-drama that is set during the winter, it has the ability to make you feel nostalgic and emotional for no reason at all. And somehow that K-drama manages to really pull at your heartstrings, making you feel all warm inside. These kinds of K-dramas leave us feeling hopeful Continue Reading

6 Hwang In Yeob Moments From Episodes 9 & 10 Of “True Beauty” That We’re Still Thinking About

If you’re like me, you have been finding yourself counting down the days until you can watch the newest episode of “True Beauty.” The cast, the story, the humor, the visuals, all of it has got us giggling for joy while watching. If you’re also like me, your heart has been going back and forth between Continue Reading

5 Powerful Movies That Celebrate Youth

Have you ever wished you could go back to your younger days? Or are you enjoying the freedom of your youth right now, but want to grow up faster? We’ve selected five movies of different genres that celebrate youth in their own unique ways: action, romance, friendship, crime thriller, and coming of age. Take a look, Continue Reading

10 Inspiring Songs That Fill Us With Hope

Hope is a feeling that allows people to carry on, even when they feel they’ve hit rock bottom, for the sake of seeing their expectations and desire come to fruition. Like many feelings that have been featured in K-pop, hope is a theme that is found in multiple releases. Here is a non-exhaustive selection of some Continue Reading

7 Enchanting K-Pop MVs That Are Simply Royal

Great music videos often give off a refined perspective of the song by either reflecting its lyrics or adding a whole subliminal chapter that complements the storyline that’s being told. When it comes to K-pop, the cinematography reaches a whole new level. Some visual settings are so captivating that they exude royal energy, sometimes literally. Let’s discover the Continue Reading

Missing “The Penthouse”? Here’s What You Can Watch Next

Now that season one of “The Penthouse” has ended, you might find yourself yearning for the days when you could binge on episodes full of wild and intense scenes and characters that are so fun on-screen but you hope you’d never actually meet in real life. The great news is that seasons two and three have been confirmed, Continue Reading

Name That Drama: Love triangles and gossip galore

Number 1 could be Jealousy Incarnate. There was a love triangle like that, where the first guy said he wasn’t interested and then came back later after the other two were starting to like each other. I don’t remember what kind of argument the guys had about it though. Source link