10 K-Dramas That Marked Actors’ Return From The Military

When it comes time for an actor to enlist in the military, fans tend to convey a variety of responses. Sometimes it’s disappointment, sadness, sorrow, or even pride that their favorite actor is serving their country. At the time of enlistment, it might seem like you’ll never see them again, but the truth is, time does pass Continue Reading

Be A K-Beauty Queen: 9 Fall/Winter Korean Makeup Brands You Need To Try

The weather’s getting colder and the nights are getting longer. That means one thing: the holidays are coming! And most importantly, 2020 is almost over! These are just some of the reasons to celebrate, and it calls for a makeup makeover that will not only highlight your beauty, but also make you feel good. Here Continue Reading

15 Beautifully Psychedelic K-Pop MVs That Will Have You Mesmerized

Just about any fan can tell you that K-pop doesn’t mess around when it comes to making music videos. They never hesitate to incorporate flashy digital effects or zany costumes that make a statement and stand out from the crowd. So it only makes sense that K-pop music videos regularly tread into psychedelic territory. Although there are plenty of Continue Reading

14 Street Style Looks From BTS’s Jin That We’re Obsessed With

If we tried to list all of the skills of BTS’s Jin, we’d be here for a long while, as with time we’ve discovered he’s truly a multi-talented human being. A quick learner, a hard-worker, amazing at playing guitar and opening snacks with his toes, a dad-joke ace, master chef, and owner of an angelic voice Continue Reading

5 Reasons Why “Search” Is The Monster Drama You Didn’t Know You Needed

Korean action thriller drama “Search” is the perfect way to wrap up 2020’s year of dramas with monsters, mayhem, and some good old-fashioned fighting against evil. Sergeant Yong Dong Jin (Jang Dong Yoon) lives a simple life as a sergeant in the South Korean armed forces. He has a tight group of friends, his military dog, Continue Reading

13 Sultry K-Pop Choreographies That Are Hot AF

Choreography is an essential part of any K-pop song. It not only completes the lyrics with its precise and interpretive moves, but it’s also a visual delight. Furthermore, many great performances have left their mark with their amazing key point dances that simply left everyone in awe. Here is a non-exhaustive list of some of the hottest choreographies that were beautifully Continue Reading

5 Times Episodes 11 & 12 Of “Tale Of The Nine-Tailed” Made Us Shout For Joy Or Gasp In Horror

“Tale of the Nine-Tailed” is gradually winding itself up for the climax in a few weeks time, and to get us ready for it, they are significantly upping the stakes. Just as we think the good guys (and foxes) are getting the upper hand, The Imoogi reveals himself to be a very real and formidable Continue Reading

9 K-Pop MV Plots That Portray Multiple Personas

K-pop music videos tell the most amazing visual stories. Their content has evolved tremendously over the years and the cinematography behind it is simply breathtaking. One such feature that has been used every now and then is the portrayal of multiple personas. This being said, here are some MV plots that have introduced multiple personas of Continue Reading

Korean Celebrities Who Care About The Environment

While we love watching Korean celebs on stage or in our favorite dramas, we are equally thrilled when we see them advocating for causes they believe in. 2020 has been filled with many challenges, but climate change is one of the most important issues our world faces today — who remembers those devastating wildfires in Australia Continue Reading

10 Looks From ATEEZ’s Hongjoong That Demonstrate He’s A Fashion King

Since ATEEZ’s Kim Hongjoong arrived on the K–pop scene he’s been blessing us with nothing but his outstanding rap verses, production talents, focused–leader features, and an incredible sense of fashion and style. Considered the strict yet dorky dad of the group by his members, he’s mentioned on repeated occasions that he’s very methodical and a Continue Reading

Open Thread #682

happy friday beanies!!drama updates: i have 2.5 episodes left of BTIMFL, and i DON’T WANNA LEAVE!! asfghfs specifically, i do not want to leave lee minki, and am dreading finishing the show just for that reason. i told myself i would watch one episode of my ajusshi on monday, ended up binging 3 eps, and Continue Reading

9 Medical K-Dramas That Might Make You Dream Of Becoming A Doctor

Does anyone else ever get the urge to become a doctor when they watch a really great medical drama? No? Just me? Well, regardless of whether these dramas actually inspire you to become a doctor, they’re sure to pull you in and keep you entertained all the same. Plus, they might even deepen your appreciation for medical Continue Reading

5 Things We’re Glad To See Happen In Episodes 9 & 10 Of “Tale Of The Nine-Tailed”

We start off this week’s episodes right where we left off, with our three leads — Lee Yeon (Lee Dong Wook), Lee Rang (Kim Bum), and Nam Ji Ah (Jo Bo Ah) — stuck in their respective nightmare-scapes. It prompts them all to do a little soul-searching and maturing, but thankfully they all make it Continue Reading

How To Get The Most Out Of An Online Concert: A K-Pop Fan’s Guide

Modern problems require modern solutions, which means that most K-pop concerts are exploring a totally new territory: live online concerts, streamed for fans to watch from their homes. The advantages? It’s a safe (and legal) way for fans to experience the thrill of live performances, no matter where they’re from or how far from South Continue Reading