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With Korean Luna New Year just around the corner, it’s a common sight to see your favorite K-Pop idols wearing hanboks to celebrate the holidays.

But rookie girl group GFriend took things to the next level on the latest episode of Weekly Idol, running amok in the traditional garments as they were set a series of challenges.

Well that’s one way to celebrate! GFriend put on their hanboks to hula hoop on Weekly Idol
Credit: MBC Every1

Causing much laugher, the six members hilarious attempted to hula hoop on different parts of their bodies. Not an easy challenge when wearing that much fabric!

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But one star emerged from the group as the hula champion — Yuju. The 18-year-old impressed everyone on set as she rolled the hoop around her neck at lightening speed.

Check out the funny clip from the MBC Every1 entertainment show below.