Kimbap and charged looks on the set of Third-Rate My Way

KBS has released their first still for Third-Rate My Way and it kind of makes me want to do a “caption this” contest for the look they’re sharing on a bench with matching rolls of kimbap. Third-Rate My Way is a drama about the growing romance between two people who have third-rate lives, but still want to live life their way regardless of what others say.

Park Seo-joon (Hwarang) and Kim Ji-won (Descended From the Sun) play Go Dong-man and Choi Ae-ra who have been best friends since childhood. They argue and tease each other all the time, but if someone else insults one of them, they are quick to defend each other. They’re calling this relationship ssamantic, a hodgepodge of “third-rate,” “bickering,” and “romantic.” But we’re also told that their ssamantic relationship will cherry-blossom into a new romance. Aww, I love these types of shows.

The teaser photo isn’t much of a tease, but it does sort of illustrate their comfortable, argumentative relationship. To me it looks like Park Seo-joon just said something to Kim Ji-won and she’s about to snap right back at him. But they probably won’t stay mad at each other for long, because they’ve been doing this since childhood. I’m interested to see who falls for whom first. Will it be an Answer Me-type scenario where one person has liked the other for a while, or will it be more like The Producers or Bottom of the 9th With 2 Outs where everyone around them knew they were good for each other and they were the last to figure it out? Whatever the case, I am always a sucker for the storyline where one person realizes they love their best friend.

Below are a few photos taken behind the scenes during filming. I try to avoid behind the scenes shots while the drama is airing, mostly because I don’t want to get spoiled. However, I love to get little tidbits before the drama airs, and the one still of the leads isn’t nearly enough.

KBS’s new Monday-Tuesday drama Third-Rate My Way is written by Im Sang-choon (Baek-hee Has Returned) and directed by Lee Na-jung (drama special Yeon-woo’s Summer and movie Line of Sight). It is produced by Fan Entertainment, which has released a number of hits including The Moon That Embraces the Sun, Kill Me Heal Me, and Doctors, and is expected to air in May.

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