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We all know that gut-wrenching feeling of humiliation. Someone brings up an awkward thing you once did, and your entire being tenses up with embarrassment and regret. So imagine how much worse this sensation is for our favorite idols, who have to experience such a thing in the public eye. As a tribute to their sacrifice, here are the top moments when idols had to relive their cringe-worthy pasts.

1. GOT7

To kick off the list, there is no one better than GOT7. Having cleverly picked out “A” teasers from 2014, the “Weekly Idol” hosts laugh as the GOT7 members completely lose it. And not only must they bear to watch, the boys must also reenact these shudder-inducing moments. Needless to say, Jackson’s “I told you to stand by me!” (or anyone else’s clip for that matter) will not be forgotten anytime soon.