Yoon Kye-sang offered treasure-hunting movie 1/N

Yoon Kye-sang (The Good Wife) is looking at a movie for his next project, and has been offered a project titled 1/N, as in the mathematical term. Despite being put off by all things mathical, I’m reassured by the description of the movie’s premise, and by the fact that the term “1/n” is being used in the colloquial sense; it’s used in casual parlance to refer to dividing a bill by the number of participants involved (say, “n” number of people at dinner means each person pays one-nth of the total bill).

The plot of 1/N centers around a documentary PD who decides to shoot a documentary at the DMZ in search of buried treasure, and the commotion that ensues in the process. The PD had thought of it as a get-rich-quick endeavor, only to find that with reporters and staffers all clamoring for their share of the profits, things don’t go quite as planned.

The movie is described as comical, and I’m hoping it goes into full-on farce, because it sounds like it could make for some cutting humor. Directing is Lee Ho-jae of the heartwarming and bittersweet Sori: Voice From the Heart as well as crime-comedy-thriller The Scam, which means he’s got some familiarity mixing genres. I’d really love for it to go acerbic rather than slapstick; I’m in the mood for a good satirical farce!

Yoon Kye-sang is currently considering the role favorably, although he is awaiting revisions to the synopsis before making a final decision.

Via TV Report


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