Subway misunderstandings and drunken frustrations in Suspicious Partner

Official countdown is five days until SBS’s legal rom-com drama Suspicious Partner premieres! So in a last-minute blitz of promos, here are two more teasers and a couple stills to tide us over until next Wednesday when it finally airs. They feature Ji Chang-wook (The K2) and Nam Ji-hyun (Shopping King Louis) having their first meet-cute misunderstandings which lead to love down the line.

For this drama, Ji Chang-wook plays a grouchy but brilliant prosecutor who becomes saddled with a new employee, played by Nam Ji-hyun, who seems totally clueless. She used to be a professional-level martial artist, but decided to pursue the law because of her love for justice. Always bright and optimistic, it’s no wonder that in the beginning, she clashes so often with Ji Chang-wook, who is the opposite. As they work together on a mysterious homicide case, they grow closer and fall in love.

In this teaser, Nam Ji-hyun starts her first day of work, reporting to her superior, only to realize that it’s the man she mistook for a subway pervert that very morning. She’s mortified, and we cut to another scene where he grabs her face in a frustrated moment and shakes her while saying: “Is life a joke to you, you idiot?” But perhaps he’s coming to like her, because the next scene seems to be a roundabout confession: He says that he’s losing the little sleep he has because of her, and that he only came to meet her because he wanted to preserve his dignity. Getting the gist, she asks, “Are you worrying for me?” And in typical K-drama hero fashion, he denies it, while just telling her not to appear as a victim in front of him.

Later, it’s shown that Ji Chang-wook is just not having a good day—he nearly tears out his hair in frustration at Nam Ji-hyun while his colleague nods sympathetically, and he’s slapped by someone at the office. Then we see glimpses of the secondary leads Choi Tae-joon (Missing 9) and Hello Venus’ Nara. But in the end, we’re back to our main couple, with Nam Ji-hyun staring trustingly at Ji Chang-wook while saying: “I believe in you, prosecutor-nim… You’re my lifeline.”

The second teaser shows Nam Ji-hyun when she’s at her lowest. It seems like her boyfriend cheated on her because in her inner monologue, she says: “I knew you had met someone, but I pretended not to notice.” Then in a fit of anger, she resolves to sleep with the first man she bumps into, and of course, she passes by Ji Chang-wook. She asks him straight up whether he would like to sleep with her, expecting a refusal—but to her great surprise, he accepts and she immediately begins to backpedal.