During MBC’s “Radio Star” that broadcasted last May 3, Sistar’s Soyou was invited as a guest for the show. She then talked about what her life was like when she was haven’t yet debuted in the K-pop industry. Later on, Soyou went on to reveal that she had a couple of part-time jobs that she had back then when she was still traning to become a star of Cube Entertainment.

During the interview with the Sistar star, the host of “Radio Star” asked Soyou what was it like to have a lot of rude customers come to you, knowing that Soyu once worked in a hair salon.

Soyou then answered swiftly, saying that it was sometimes embarrassing for her as there were times when a man that he was shampooing stared at her face with eyes wide open throughout the remainder of the hair treatment.

According to Koogle, MC Kim Gu Ra, the host of the show, then replied that it is the main reason why barber shops are way more comfortable than salons. As the interview went on, the two celebrities then arrived at the topic of the celebrities that she had worked with on the hair salon.

According to All K-pop, Soyou’s reply was indeed very surprising as she reveals that she had helped doll up a couple of famous celebrities way back then. She mentions 4Minute and B2ST, as some of the K-pop idols that she worked on putting makeup on.

With this, there is no doubt that Soyou has managed to make her way from her humble beginnings, into becoming one of the brightest K-pop idols. It has also been reported that her girl group, Sistar, is preparing for a comeback album this coming June, which is why her fans would surely be in for some good times once Sistar’s newest album, which of course involves Soyou, gets released.