SISTAR’s Soyu just shocked everyone with her confession about doing plastic surgery. But she got good responses from netizens for her honest talk.

Soyu just appeared on “Radio Star” as a guest. During the talk, she revealed that she had done plastic surgery. She said that she got hate for her looks. She tried to lose weight but it didn’t work. Thus, she had part of her body done at the plastic surgeon, AllKpop reported.

Towards her confession, many netizens left good comments about it. Even though she had done plastic surgeon, people cannot deny her great talents in music. She is really good in singing and dancing. As a member of “SISTAR,” her part in the group is really important.

SISTAR is a girl group with the sexy concept. They often have a comeback with their sexy looks. They are often called as summer queens because they always had a great sexy concept in summer. There is no surprise since every member of the group really has a body goal. Recently, Soyu revealed that she barely had any clothes at home.

During the interview with Cosmopolitan, she said that she liked to exercise recently for a better body shape. She often checked herself in the mirror to check her look after doing exercise. Thus, she often wore fewer clothes at home, AllKpop reported.

Soyu is often praised for her body goal and beautiful face. But, netizens got more shocked when they knew that her sister really looked like her. She once posted a picture of her, her sister, and her mother on her Instagram. Everyone was really surprised with the same look of Soyu and her sister, Koreaboo reported.

Soyu is recently into workout. Her fans are really happy to have her having a healthy body. Rather than seeing idols with extreme diet, people like to see idols working out so that they can have healthier bodies. With the body goal and many talents, netizens do no leave hate comments on Soyu of her honesty in doing plastic surgery. They want the best in Soyu’s career.

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