Kim Jong Kook revealed that he suffered a health problem after eating too much protein. He revealed it when he was in Vietnam with his mother.

Kim Jong Kook is known for his outstanding built. He exercises a lot and his body is full of muscles. In “Running Man,” other members call him as an ace and a commander because of his strong body. But, it turns out that he also has a health problem.

When Kim Jong Kook was in TV Chosun’s “Let’s Go,” he went to Vietnam with his mother. They wanted to eat some fresh seafood. But it was strange that Kim Jong Kook didn’t want to eat the shrimp in front of him. Kim Jong Kook then commented that he had a health problem because of eating too much protein, AllKpop¬†reported.

Kim Jong Kook added that he didn’t know about the cause of his health problem at first. He went to the hospital and did some checks. After that, he found out that the reason for his health was from eating too much protein. He got high cholesterol from that.

Kim Jong Kook wants to take care of his body well. Thus, he doesn’t want to eat protein too much. Kim Jong Kook has a nice body because of his hard work. He exercises a lot and takes care of his diet to make his body built up well.

In fact, actually, Kim Jong Kook is not that strong. He got scoliosis since high school. He will collapse easily because of the back pain. As a result, he didn’t do his army duty because of his health condition. But people sometimes just judge him as they like. In his post, he revealed the picture of his X-ray to show people his scoliosis, Soompi¬†reported.

Kim Jong Kook really works hard to make a great body despite having scoliosis. Many people respect his hard work. His effort in maintaining his health can be a good inspiration for everyone.

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