NU’EST shows how hard K-Pop industry is by joining “Produce 101” season two even though they have debuted five years ago. But their decision turns out to be good because their old albums just climbed back up on Hanteo Chart.

Four members of NU’EST join “Produce 101” season two and they are back being trainees in this survival show. When they appeared on the first episode, Kahi was in tears because she was sad seeing her juniors went on the show when they already debuted five years ago, AllKpop reported.

NU’EST is a boy group from Pledis Entertainment who debuted in 2012. They have released some albums and went on many music shows to do promotion. But mostly the boys had performance outside Korea and it made them not really known in Korea.

In the first episode of “Produce 101,” Kang Dong Ho said that he wanted to be like Nayoung or Kyulkung who succeeded to get to the top 11 and debuted in a girl group. Kang Dong Ho said that it would be a great chance to be in the two groups at the same time, Soompi reported.

Other members of NU’EST also shared their reasons to be part of the show. They said that they were really desperate and they thought “Produce 101” as their last chance. It was a hard choice for the members but they wanted to do their best to survive in K-Pop industry.

On May 9, NU’EST old albums “Canvas,” “Q,” and “Action” got top 15 on Hanteo Chart. Many people believe that the increase popularity is because of their appearance on “Produce 101,” AllKpop reported.

The four members of NU’EST have shown their charms and skills on “Produce 101.” Kang Dong Ho got more attention after showing his manly side. Other members also got attention for showing their skills in singing and dancing. Thankfully, NU’EST members all passed the first round elimination. They will have a position battle in the next episode and they will be ranked again.

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