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Yoo Seon Ho is a trainee from Cube Entertainment who joins “Produce 101” season two. Recently, he got much attention from a post of a mother complimenting his nice attitude.

The mother of Yoo Seon Ho’s middle school classmate recently shared her story on her social media. She revealed that Yoo Seon Ho was a polite kid. On her post, she said that Yoo Seon Ho once advised his teacher politely to stop smoking when the teacher was caught smoking.

Next, she wrote that Yoo Seon Ho hugged all of his teachers when he graduated. He also kept in touch with his friends well. In the last post, she said that Yoo Seon Ho always greeted her even though he didn’t know her really well, Soompi reported.

Yoo Seon Ho is not only kind, he is also a cute 16-year-old trainee. When he did a phone call to his parents, he revealed that he ate five times a day. It brought laughter to the viewers because he was really honest. The camera often caught him when he was eating snacks. It was really cute.

Yoo Seon Ho calls himself as a chick trainee because he has trained for only six months in his agency. Even though he is still a new trainee, he has worked hard in this show. His hard work was paid off when he got 15th rank in the last episode of the show, Soompi reported.

When he did the meringue challenge, he made mistake by whisking the yolk. As a result, he didn’t succeed in the challenge. But, after knowing that it was a failure, he still tried to pour it on his head to check. After pouring it on his head, he tried to taste it. Some netizens called him as the 4D guy for his unique character, OneHallyu reported.

Yoo Seon Ho already increased his ranking from the previous episode. In the speech given after his ranking announcement, he promised that he would do his best and learned a lot to be a better trainee.

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