Asian women tend to look younger even if they’re in the age where most people considered old or mature. Korean actresses are the ones that live up to the stereotype with their youthful beauty. Check out the list below to find out the true eternal Korean beauties!

Shin Min Ah

Shin Min Ah never fails to make every other woman feels jealous of her timeless natural beauty. At the age of 32, Rain’s co-star in “Love to Kill” doesn’t seem to change that much since her debut in 2001.

Song Hye Kyo

It wouldn’t be fair not to include Song Hye Kyo in this list. The rumored girlfriend of Song Joong Ki made her debut in 1995 and she still dominates the small screen even after 22 years. The “Autumn in My Heart” actress is now 35 years old, yet she still looks young now than ever.

Kim Tae Hee

Everyone wouldn’t believe that Kim Tae Hee is turning 40 in three years, thanks to her eternal youthful look. Since her debut in “Last Present” in 2001, she doesn’t look much different with any other teenage superstars. Instead, she only looks more and more beautiful as the years go by.

Jun Ji Hyun

Jun Ji Hyun can be the cutest actress anyone could’ve ever seen. But, do you know that “My Love from The Star” actress is actually 35 years old? Over the years, Jun Ji Hyun has starred in several most popular dramas including “My Sassy Girl” and “The Legend of The Blue Sea”.

Yoon Eun Hye

Even when in her 30s, Yoon Eun Hye can still pull off high school girls’ look. Gong Yoo’s lead woman in “Coffee Prince” still manages to maintain her signature cuteness even when she’s 32 years old.

Song Ji Hyo

The sweetheart of “Running Man” is 35 years old, but she still looks like as if she’s only 20. Song Ji Hyo’s youthful beauty makes her become a muse for a local cosmetics brand. Song Ji Hyo debuted in 2002 with “Age of Innocence”. Since then, she has starred in several top-grossing dramas including “Emergency Couple” and “A Frozen Flower”.

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