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Moon Hae Jun finally opened up about the negative responses he received after announcing Soyul’s pregnancy. The soon-to-be father admitted he worried about how Soyul will handle the whole situation as she’s preparing to give birth to their first child.

Moon Hae Jun poured it all out on his radio show on May 11. The former H.O.T member revealed that it’s worrying seeing how people thought they have any rights to judge him and Soyul. He’s afraid Soyul might have taken it differently that it would affect her pregnancy, Soompi reported.

In one of the segments, Moon Hae Jun also took a chance to give advice for fellow husbands in order to understand wife. He said the key to a healthy relationship is listening and pay attention to your partner even if it’s almost impossible to satisfy her.

Moon Hae Joon also emphasized that he and Soyul never confirm or deny the shotgun wedding rumor. However, Soyul, via her label, previously stated that her marriage with Moon Hae Jun wasn’t because of unplanned pregnancy.

Previously netizens have responded to Soyul’s pregnancy in various ways. Most of them were obviously shocked since the Crayon Pop idol all of sudden announced that she and Moon Hae Jun will welcome their first child within two weeks.

According to Allkpop, on November 2016 Soyul went public out of the blue to declare her engagement with Moon Hae Jun when a month prior to the engagement, she halted her group activities reportedly due to anxiety disorder.

In February, Soyul and Moon Hae Jin got married, which was considered too fast since they were only dating for 5 months. Many people are convinced that Soyul was already pregnant when she announced her break from Crayon Pop.

Despite all the rumors surrounding their relationship, Soyul and Moon Hae Jun seems to love each other and happy with their life, so everyone should be able to draw the line and respect their privacy. 



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