Lee Min Ho has officially begun his service as per May 12. The actor is set to take a break from the showbiz for at least 21 months. While many fans are getting anxious about not seeing the actor for a long time, there are also people who started to be suspicious about Lee Min Ho being treated differently after the video of him getting into the military camp surfaced online.

Allkpop reported Lee Min Ho was spotted leaving for his military enlistment on May 12 at 8:45 AM KST. Lee Min Ho was seen getting off his car under the protection of two bodyguards guarding his way down while fans are cheering for him.

The “Boys Over Flowers” actor is serving as a public service officer in Gangnam, Seoul after his medical evaluation shows his physical condition cannot support him to serve as a military worker. Lee Min Ho was involved in two car accidents several years ago that resulted in permanent injuries, HelloKpop reported. However, he’s still going to receive basic military training in a military camp for at least a month.

Upon seeing the video of Lee Min Ho arrived at the Gangnam Ward Office, many people still think that the actor was getting special treatment because of his status as a celebrity. A lot of them wondered whether a public officer like Lee Min Ho doesn’t need to shave his head like any regular soldiers who enlisted.

Not only that, they were also being skeptical about the way Lee Min Ho making his entrance. It almost looked like the actor was going to a fan-meeting or an award event rather than serving the military.

Meanwhile, Lee Min Ho’s agency, MYM Entertainment, has denied the allegations of its artist to be allowed to get off work early. “He is to follow the instructions from the Military Manpower Administration. It’s impossible that he can get away early on the first day,” said a representative from MYM Entertainment.

Celebrities have been the subject of skepticism when it comes to fulfilling their civic duty in the military. Popular names like T.O.P and Super Junior’s Shindong were previously accused of receiving special treatment.