The hunt for the clone is on in new Duel teaser

OCN has finally released a longer teaser for Duel, along with new character posters and stills. I really wanted more information on this drama, so I’m happy that the production is ramping up their promo. Duel is OCN’s human-clone-pursuit-thriller where a detective’s daughter is kidnapped. Two clones, divided between good and evil, are the key to solving the case.

Jung Jae-young (Assembly) is the detective on the hunt for his daughter. The new teaser opens with a tender moment between father and daughter as Jung Jae-young greets her and lovingly sits beside her in an ambulance. But then the scene takes a turn as Yang Se-jong (Saimdang, Light’s Diary) bursts into the ambulance and attacks Jung Jae-young, seeking to drug him. Jung Jae-young is able to rip the mask off the clone before succumbing to the drug.

When he comes to, his daughter has disappeared. The hunt begins as he rushes through subway trains, crashes through windows, and flies off bridges in pursuit of the clone. There are appearances from both the good and the bad clone, which echoes back to the common refrain of this drama: “On the day my daughter disappeared, I saw two men who looked exactly the same.”

Kim Jung-eun (Make a Woman Cry) makes a brief appearance as the ambitious and elite prosecutor when she says, “Let’s conceal this case.” But Jung Jae-young isn’t having that as he yells, “My daughter is alive! She is definitely alive!” It’s not clear whether his daughter is alive or not, but one thing is for certain—Jung Jae-young believes she is and through hell or high water, he is going to find her.