2017-05-23 07:43:01
2017-05-23 07:43:01

On May 23, SM Entertainment and Mystic Entertainment announced that they would be collaborating together on a new music variety show.

The show will be a team-up between Mystic’s producing director (PD) Yeo Woon Hyuk and SM’s PD Lee Ye Ji. Yeo Woon Hyuk has previously worked as the chief of JTBC’s variety department and launched the success of shows like “Ssulzun” and “Ask Us Anything.” Lee Ye Ji has previously worked in the KBS variety department on shows such as “Hello Counselor” and “Our Neighborhood Arts and Physical Education” (also known as “Cool Kiz on the Block”).

The new variety show will showcase Mystic and SM artists collaborating together on music. The first pair to work together will be Mystic’s Parc Jae Jung (from “Superstar K5”) and NCT’s Mark.

Lee Ye Ji said, “Parc Jae Jung is a fan of NCT’s Mark. That’s why the project will begin with their collaboration. Their energy creates a synergy between them that moves both us PDs and I believe it can move both agencies as well.”

Yeo Woon Hyuk said, “In summary, it’s a music collaboration between SM and Mystic. SM has a good system in place, while Mystic has a more freewheeling creative approach. They make two different kinds of music. If they made music together, what kind of sound could they create? That’s how we started this project.”

The new program is expected to air sometime in July.

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