WINNER members were recently invited to a new MBC’s variety show “Brother’s Thoughts” on May 20. Lee Seung Hoon caught everyone’s attention at the program as he talked about his life as an idol, including his side job, which turns out to be pretty awesome.

During the broadcast, WINNER members revealed their hobbies and other things they’re good at, Soompi reported. According to the members, Lee Seung Hoon is the idea bank of the group. He’s the man behind every great dance moves that WINNER has. Because of his talent, Lee Sang Min jokingly said that one day Lee Seung Hoon could be the director of a company.

Kang Seung Yoon added that Lee Seung Hoon is actually a senior manager at YG Entertainment. Besides promoting as an idol with WINNER, he goes work regularly and checks up on other employees. Everyone thought that Kang Seung Yoon was only joking until Lee Seung Hoon pulled out his business card that says his position as a senior manager in the artist planning department.

It may still be a bit surprising for fans to discover that their idol is actually holding an important position in the label. In a recent interview with Singles, Lee Seung Hoon also expressed his excitement to working in multiple fields, Allkpop reported.

However, promoting as an idol remains the thing he’s passionate about the most. He revealed that working together with his friends at WINNER is fun, especially when they’re preparing for a comeback, everyone would expose each of their own magnificent ideas.

Lee Seung Hoon also shared what it feels like to be the first YG group to promote for 8 weeks. At first, he and his band mates didn’t believe how big they’ve become in just a short period. He’s also grateful for fans who offer their endless supports for WINNER.

However, he didn’t deny that sometimes it could be a little bit exhausting with his packed schedule and never-ending promotional activities. Yet, Lee Seung Hoon stated that he never got stressed because of it, it was all fun as long as he did all those things with his band mates. 


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