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Girls’ Generation’s Choi Sooyoung appeared on the May 23 episode of OnStyle’s “Charm TV” with her stylist of seven years.

During the show, she expressed how thankful she was for her stylist, who has stayed with Girls’ Generation for all these years. It was typically difficult for a stylist to stay with them for a long time since they had so many members.

Her stylist then shared that she got along well with Sooyoung because they had a similar sense of humor.

Later in the episode, Sooyoung was asked whether there had been any changes to her life. “I try to look at life in the long run. Women tend to get a bit hasty as they approach 30,” she explained.

“Because I try to maintain a grateful heart for all the things I’m able to do right now, I’m actually becoming calm rather than hasty. That’s the biggest change I’m going through,” she added.

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