It has finally been confirmed that popular Korean singer, Joo, is busy preparing for her upcoming grand come back. This will be the first time that Joo will be seen by people from around the world after one year and six months of lying low in the media’s spotlight.

And just recently, Woollim Entertainment, the management company of Joo, has revealed that the comeback is really going to happen. The company has even revealed a teaser image of “One Late Morning”, which is the title of the digital single album of Joo.

According to All K-pop, this will be the next album of Joo after her successful, “Cry and Blow” which was released in November of 2015. News also have it that Lee Jung Hoon, the bassist of Nell, is the one that wrote and composed the song of Joo for her single album.

Lee Jung Hoon is also the same person who composed “I Need You” of Sunggyu. Because of this, there is really no reasons that people won’t like this upcoming album release.

According to another report by All K-pop, the video teaser features sound effects of chirping birds and a soft tone coming from the gentle touch of piano keys. The duration of the video teaser was 46 seconds. The soft voice of Joo could also be heard saying “dooooo” in the video.

Joo’s “Late in the Morning” will be released today, May 26. For sure, it will once again top the music charts not only in South Korea but throughout the world as well, just like how her previous album’s songs did. Let’s wish Joo the best of luck in her career and personal life. Hopefully, she still continues to make interesting and lovely music in the years to come. She’s really great in doing it.

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