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Kim Ok-bin slays at the 70th Cannes International Film Festival in The Villainess

At the opening midnight screening for the 70th Cannes International Film Festival, Kim Ok-bin’s (Yoo-na’s Street) crime-thriller Villainess premiered to three full minutes of standing ovation from a diverse crowd of directors, actors, and film industry VIPs. And even judging from these short trailers, I can totally see why: The level of action is off the charts! The movie tracks an elite assassin trained from childhood to be a deadly killing machine, as she penetrates a labyrinth of conspiracies and secrets to take ultimate revenge.

The teaser begins with a man at the far end of a dank hallway, demanding to know who she is, when suddenly a gun points toward him from first-person POV and shoots. The copy reads: “I was raised to be a killing machine,” as we see Kim Ok-bin achieving multiple bullseye shots with a sniper rifle and moving through the streets of Seoul unnoticed. Kim Seo-hyung’s (The Good Wife) voiceover asks “Isn’t she useful?” and Kim Ok-bin’s masterful wielding of guns, sabers, and long knives are seen through impressive action shots on moving vehicles.