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2017-06-01 02:25:32
2017-06-01 02:30:57

In light of BIGBANG member T.O.P’s recent controversy with marijuana use, MBC’s “I Live Alone” is discussing whether they should blur out his picture in one of Yoon Hyun Min‘s upcoming episodes.

In a preview for the June 2 episode of  “I Live Alone,” Yoon Hyun Min goes to the salon and shows the hairdresser a picture of T.O.P, requesting a hairstyle similar to his.

The production staff of “I Live Alone” stated, “It’s only a picture of T.O.P that will be appearing, not the man himself. Because it’s just his picture that will briefly be shown, there is no problem regarding the episode’s contents. The staff will be conducting a meeting to discuss whether we should blur out his face, and we will proceed according to company regulations.”

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