T-ara is about to have their comeback with four members only because two girls left the agency after their contracts expired. The group just released a Korean and a Chinese teaser and in both videos, they hinted about the two members who left the group.

In the Korean video, the four girls left two bottles behind and there were no letters in it. As for the Chinese one, there were two pencils pointing backward as the signs of the two girls leaving the group, AllKpop reported.The girls who left T-ara are Boram and Soyeon and they left the agency when their contracts expired on May 15.

The agency said that they couldn’t come to an agreement with Boram and Soyeon when their contracts ended. The agency also added that they were thankful for the nine years working in the company and they hoped the best future to both of them, Soompi reported

T-ara’s comeback was supposed to be in May 2017, but they postponed it to June as the two members left the group. The remaining girls had to re-record again and their comeback is about to happen soon. The girls have gone up and down with the bullying scandal and they were being on a hiatus for several years. They actually started their career really well but the scandal really made them struggle. The girls mostly did promotion in Japan as the result of the blowing bullying scandal in Korea.

“What;s My Name” teaser really showed how the four members appreciated the two members who left the group. The girls have spent nine years together in a girl group and there is no surprise that they keep on supporting each other. Despite the bullying scandal in the past, T-ara’s fans hope that this comeback will hit big as the new start for the group.

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