AOA’s Hyejeong played in “SNL Korea” and she made a skit about the black VIP card that made her life easier. She showed how she and her onscreen boyfriend’s life got a lot of comfortable after having the card.

The skit was supposed to advertise the special card for everyone who was broke or penniless. She and her onscreen boyfriend could enjoy a good spot on the bus, received a great service from the customer service at the convenient store, etc, AllKpop reported.

AOA’s fans were happy to see Hyejeon as they finally could see her face on the screen. Also, they supported the new work of Hyejeon and wished her success since she rarely appeared on the screen. Meanwhile, AOA just made their comeback earlier this year with double title tracks “Excuse Me” and “Bing Bing.” Many people criticized about AOA’s come back because they thought it was a failure, SBS reported.

AOA’s comeback earlier in 2017 wasn’t a huge success and people predicted it was because the group had double tracks on the album. Also, they thought that the sexy concept didn’t do well on them as it was outdated style already. People got bored with a sexy concept and they didn’t find the double tracks as attractive as AOA’s previous hit songs. Also, the dating scandal for the members contributed to the failure as people lost their interest to this girl group, Kpop Behind reported.

AOA will have to promote the group without Choa as she takes a break from the girl group and also the agency. FNC stated that there was no special reason and Choa just wanted to take a break from all activities, AllKpop reported. About rumor stated that Choa leaving the group, it was a fake rumor and she just took her break.

AOA’s fans still believe in the girls and they hope Hyejeong do well on “SNL Korea” with her acting. They hope to have AOA’s comeback soon with the full lineup of the members.

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