School 2017 adds more students and a teacher to its lineup

The newest installment in KBS’s School series has added more names to its cast, and the range of acting experience is pretty in keeping with previous entries in the long-running franchise. The most notable addition is Han Joo-wan (Blow Breeze, Hwajeong), who is considering a teacher role, while newbie actress Seol In-ah (Strong Woman Do Bong-soon) and idol group SF9’s Ro-woon are up to play his students.

The role Han Joo-wan will potentially play is a teacher known throughout the school as an “idol” teacher because of his good looks, but in contrast to his popularity, his character is described as painfully weak-hearted. And you chose to be a high school teacher? Yikes. Also, with Han Joo-wan up to play the teacher, that must mean Kim Jung-hyun (Rebel: Thief Who Stole the People) was offered a student role, which I’m completely fine with. He fits that brooding rebel image so well. At present, Han Joo-wan, Ro-woon, and Kim Jung-hyun are all still considering their offers to star in School 2017.

Seol In-ah, on the other hand, has already confirmed her role as a student named Hong Nam-joo, a character so conscious of her looks that she can’t go long without looking in the mirror. She’ll hold the key to our leads’ fates, which sounds quite dramatic for a show about high school, but what is high school without the drama, I guess. Seol In-ah will join idol group Gugudan’s Kim Se-jung, who has also confirmed her offer for the lead role. I know that Kim Se-jung is considered a risky choice, but I find her pretty adorable in her variety appearances, so I’m hoping her bubbly charm translates to onscreen presence.

School 2017 is scheduled to follow Fight My Way on Mondays and Tuesdays beginning in July.

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