When we’re talking about the lifespan of a K-pop group, it’s not surprising to hear the unfortunate phrase “seven-year jinx” get mentioned every once in a while. The term started popping up in the K-pop sphere after a lot of groups announced their disbandment either a little before or after reaching seven years of promotions — SISTAR, 4Minute, Wonder Girls, and 2NE1, to name a few.

But there’s one milestone that will hopefully break the vicious cycle: INFINITE reached their 7-year anniversary on June 9, and they are currently discussing contract renewals with Woollim. To celebrate the group’s 7th anniversary, here are the quirks and secrets of INFINITE that only fans of the group will get.

Sungjong’s lemon candy

Let’s start with the maknae (youngest) of the group. He’s known as the little prince (but more oftentimes as princess), and around 2011, he made a cameo in a mini-series called “Tooniverse” with the now-famous Kim Yoo Jung. It was about a teenage girl who develops a crush on a blonde-haired guy who offers her lemon candy. Enter Sungjong, doing a hair flip, saying, “Hello little miss! We meet again! When you have a lot of thoughts, have a lemon candy!” He even says it with a smile and a wink. This line went down in history as one of Sungjong’s most cringe-worthy moments, which the group always teases him about. In variety shows, they would “torture” him by making him re-enact the scene, while the other members try their best with their own interpretations.


Watch Sungjong’s scene here: