Hit K-pop boy group, 24K, is up for a new milestone in their career as they are showing no sign of slowing down. JThe group has released new teaser images for their new mini album entitled, “Addiction.” This latest album of theirs shows that the group is still on fire even though they’ve already been in the industry for years now. It is also said that “Addiction” will show the vocal prowess of the group, showing how they can still keep up with the stiffer competition in the K-pop industry these days.

Teaser cuts showing Kisso, Jinhong, Cory, and Hongseob were just released recently, and it just hyped up their fans for the release of “Addiction”. Now, a new set of teaser cuts has been released by their management company as Hui, Changsun and Jeonguk were showed to the public.

According to All K-pop, in the teaser images, it can clearly be seen that they feature a dark, mysterious and charismatic theme for their new mini album. This is a very effective marketing strategy for them as it undoubtedly entices new fans to start idolizing them.

With all of these being said, it can clearly be seen that 24K is still doing the best of what they can to effectively compete with the other K-pop boy groups in the industry. Now that BTS has just won the Top Social Artist Award in the recently held Billboard Music Awards, 24K might just have been motivated to follow their footsteps.

The recent release of “Addiction” might just be one of the plans of 24K to soon take over the world by storm, just like how BigBang and BTS did to the music industry in South Korea. Let’s wish 24K the best of luck in their endeavors.

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