Yet again fans are angry over the deemed “irresponsible” actions of their favorite idols. This time, Sulli is under fire for her recent Instagram post about G-Dragon.

Sulli posted on June 10th a picture of herself attending G-Dragon’s recent concert/tour. In the photo, Sulli can be scene posing by a flyer and pointing at his name as she quotes some of his song lyrics with the caption of “Peace minus one, Middle Fingers Up.” However, it isn’t her post that is causing a wave of controversy, it is the fact that she tagged G-Dragon’s celebrity and personal account. Many fans found it unprofessional that she would so easily (and perhaps purposely) reveal his personal account. Some questioned if she did it in order to brag about her relationship with the famous rapper.

While some fans do not seem wavered, many have left negative comments such as, “Uhm I love you n all but why’d you tag his private account…”, “This is disrespectful…”, “Why are you tagging his personal account…? Did you want to brag more or something?”, and much more. What do you think about this situation – is Sulli really in the wrong?

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