Since 2013, BTS has been pushing the boundaries of K-pop with their bold sound, intense choreographies, and meaningful messages. But it wasn’t until recently that the group’s popularity exploded, and given how awesome their latest releases have been, it’s no surprise that the boys are now taking the world by storm. In honor of four years with these charismatic guys, here are just a few reasons why this past year of Bangtan has been the best one so far!

1. Next-level aesthetics

BTS has been slaying the aesthetics game like never before, spoiling us with vibrant colors and gorgeous music video sets.


As if their jaw-dropping MVs weren’t enough, their fashion, stages, and choreographies are simply breathtaking, making every video and performance worth watching… and re-watching, and re-watching again.

2. More epic concepts

BTS previously established themselves as concept kings with their trilogy “The Most Beautiful Moment in Life,” which left fans puzzling over the meaning of the MVs and creating one fan theory after another to try to explain them.


How ARMYs feel trying to decipher BTS MVs.

Well, the plot thickened even more with this year’s concepts for “WINGS” and “You Never Walk Alone,” which not only connected to previous MVs but also added a new layer of literary themes from the novel “Demian” and the short story “The Ones Who Walk Away From Omelas.”

How do these MVs relate to the literature? How do they relate to BTS’s past concepts? What is BTS trying to tell us? Does BTS even know what BTS is trying to tell us?

We may never know.

3. Daesangs

This was the unforgettable year that BTS won their first Daesangs at Melon Music Awards and Mnet Asian Music Awards. And no one was more surprised than BTS themselves:

Their disbelief is so sweet, my hearteu can’t handle it.


That feeling when years of hard work are starting to pay off.

4. Incredible live performances

BTS has some powerful songs and hard-hitting choreographies in their rep, so it’s no surprise that they brought down the house with their live performances this year. From weekly music shows to special awards show stages, their dances, outfits, and stage presence left us in awe time and time again.

If you want to see something legendary, don’t miss their performance at the Mnet Asian Music Awards. Jungkook suspended from the ceiling, Jimin dancing blindfolded, and some V/Jin skinship made for a spectacular stage that stole the show.