Age of Youth 2 adds Ahn Woo-yeon and Sohn Seung-won to lineup

Ahn Woo-yeon, Sohn Seung-won

Ahh this news makes me so happy! JTBC’s upcoming Age of Youth 2 has added two more actors to its lineup today, with Ahn Woo-yeon (Circle) up to portray a super bubbly idol and Sohn Seung-won (Person Who Gives Happiness) confirmed to reprise his role as Park Eun-bin’s grumpy college newspaper colleague and friend.

I’m not entirely sure how an idol character is going to fit into the slice-of-life campus drama centered around a group of housemates, but I’m just excited to hear that I’ll be seeing Ahn Woo-yeon again so soon. He’s been steadily growing his resume since his 2015 debut, and had minor but memorable parts in Five Children, Jealousy Incarnate, and Strong Woman Do Bong-soon. But it’s his turn in currently airing Circle as one half of the most heartbreaking twin brothers in dramaland that made me sit up and take notice. He’s doing a fantastic job playing the slightly neurotic, paranoid twin brother bent on solving his father’s disappearance, and I’ll be interested to see him go straight into what sounds like a completely different character for Age of Youth 2: Ahn will play Hae Im-dal, an idol group member so sunny and outgoing it borders on shamelessness, lol.

Sohn Seung-won is similarly new-ish to the industry, having started out in musical theater, and only made his television debut in 2014. I remember watching him in Healer, I Remember You, and of course, in last year’s Age of Youth, and I recall liking him and wishing he got more prominent roles. I’m happy that he’s returning to reprise his character because his bickering rapport with Park Eun-bin was adorable, and I hope their relationship gets more developed this season. If nothing else, I would be happy enough watching his horrified reactions at her admittedly poor attempts at aegyo. It’s the cutest thing.

The second season of JTBC’s Age of Youth will premiere in August, following Woman of Dignity on Fridays and Saturdays. A female-centric drama followed by another female-centric drama. Sending much love your way, JTBC.

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