Fans who caught Sandara Park attending rumored boyfriend G-Dragon’s “ACT III: MOTTE” concert in Seoul could not help but hope that dating rumors between the two K-pop superstars are true. While some still doubted whether it was really Sandara who was spotted at the BIG BANG leader’s concert, clearer videos have surfaced confirming that she was in attendance.

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Fresh videos from fans have recently been posted on Twitter showing that the woman sitting beside BIGBANG members Daesung and Taeyang at G-Dragon’s concert was Sandara. In the videos, Sandara was getting ready to capture the night’s events using her camera. In another video, she was talking with her friend and former 2NE1 leader CL who also performed on stage with G-Dragon.

Applers, or shippers of Sandara Park and G-dragon, collectively known by their ship name Daragon or Nyongdal which is a combination of their two names, thought it was sweet of Sandara to attend the concert, saying that she was a really supportive “girlfriend.” Aside from the stolen shots from fans, however, Sandara did not upload photos on her social media, which is uncanny for the SNS savvy star. Fans believe that it may have been her choice to not fuel more dating rumors.

Sandara’s attendance to G-Dragon’s concerts also reminded netizens of a video that went viral earlier in the year where, after BIGBANG’s “MADE” concert in Seoul, G-Dragon was spotted protecting Sandara from the paparazzi as they headed to a van. YG Entertainment issued a statement claiming that G-Dragon and Sandara were only joking around to bait the fans into reacting but now, new videos are circulating on the internet on the same incident taken.

Based on the new video, which some fans have taken the initiative to upload in slow motion, G-Dragon can be seen with his hands gently protecting Sandara’s head even before they left the backstage of the concert. Fans observed the extra gentle way he held her and made sure to cover her face from the cameras. Fans also observed that G-Dragon’s stance made it difficult for anyone to come near Sandara, which they interpreted as a possessive but protective gesture, triggering fresh dating rumors.  



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