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On June 16, Sung Dong Il and his son appeared on tvN’s new variety program, “Shake Up The Classroom,” where they made one fan’s dream come true.

During the episode, Sung Dong Il found out that students in the American school he was visiting liked EXO and BTS. At first, he talked about being friends with EXO’s D.O. and when the students didn’t believe him, he showed them the drama poster for “It’s Okay, That’s Love” where they appear together.

After finding out that a student was also a huge fan of BTS, Sung Dong Il then video called V. When the student realized what was going on, he was in shock and said “I love you” in Korean to V on the screen. Then, after V urged him to sing for him, the student sang the chorus of BTS’s “Boy In Luv,” leaving V in awe.

Later, the student hugged Sung Dong Il because he was so thankful for the experience of talking to his favorite Korean singer.

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