On June 19, the production team of “Queen For 7 Days” released behind-the-scenes stills of their team hard at work.

In one of the photos, Park Min Young, who plays the role of Shin Chae Kyung, is studying the script while dressed in Korean men’s traditional clothing. Yeon Woo Jin also has a still shot by himself, dressed in king’s attire and studying his role as Lee Yeok.

Another photo shows Park Min Young dressed in a fancy Korean traditional dress, rehearsing the script together with Yeon Woo Jin.

Lee Dong Gun is also spotted concentrating on the script. He is listening attentively to the director while holding a gayageum, a Korean instrument.

The staff of “Queen For 7 Days” shared, “The actors of ‘Queen For 7 Days’ always have their scripts in their hands. They are doing their best to perfect the quality of the show by talking with each other and rehearsing together.”

They also thanked the actors by saying, “Since it is a historical drama, the shooting locations are spread nationwide. We are thankful for the actors who are showing great teamwork in this situation. Please look forward to the actors’ hard work in ‘Queen For 7 Days.’”

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