K-Pop is filled with a variety of concepts, stages, and songs thanks to the various groups hitting the stage! Check out some of the most unforgettable K-Pop debut stages that will leave you amazed!

TWIE bring their horror-themed MV to life with this extravagant debut stage! “Like OOH AHH” was nothing but a crowd pleaser!

B.A.P. make everyone go wild with their strong and powerful debut for “Warrior.” Their signature rabbit-like DJ is a real cute prop too!

2NE1 had one of the most unforgettable debut stages in K-Pop. It was fierce, expensive and filled with charisma. It was something completely new to K-Pop during that time.

The boys of GOT7 keep things swagged out with their charming debut for “Girls Girls Girls.” Who knew they’d become the stellar group they are today!

The girls of BESTie made headlines after some of the members left their previous group, EXID, to continue on as the quartet we know and love today! They made our hearts flutter with “Pita Pat.”

It is hard to ignore how amazing Seventeen is when all they want to do is simply “Adore U.” The boys continue to wow the crowd with each and every release.

Pristin were a group who were highly anticipated from the very beginning due to the fact some of the members are from Produce IOI’s project group. “WEE WOO” is too catchy to forget.

Big Bang are one epic boy group that had one of the most pimped out debuts in K-Pop history. The boys really rocked the rap game with a stage that truly changed the K-Pop genre.

MAMAOO amazed us all with their killer vocals. “Mr. Ambigious” was one heck of a song, filled with flair and pizazz that no one could resist.

EXO is another group that had an unforgettable stage and truly riled fans up during their debut. Their stage for “MAMA” was nothing but theatrical and outstanding.

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