Just recently, Suzy Bae was in a pictorial for High Cut magazine. In that pictorial, she glamorously showed off her natural side. It was one of the most simple, yet gorgeous pictorials of Suzy Bae due to the minimalistic makeup she wore.

There was also an interview with her for the magazine. In the interview, Suzy Bae talks about the background of her character named, Hong Joo, for the upcoming drama series entitled, “While You Were Asleep.”

The Hallyu heartthrob says that last year, she was No Eul for “Uncontrollably Fond.” However now, she says that she has fully transitioned and is fully immersed into her new character of Hong Joo.

She also says that she has become more feminine in her ways and lifestyle because Hong Joo has a more feminine personality than No Eul. It is because of Hong Joo’s capability of seeing the future that Suzy Bae was asked if she wanted to change her past if she had that capability. Surprisingly, Suzy Bae says that she is not happy with all of the life choices she has made up until this point in her life.

According to Soompi, Suzy Bae says that she wants to go back in time so that she could correct the things that she did wrong on her life. However, she also says that it would be too tiring to do that.

Now, Suzy Bae reveals that she wouldn’t dwell on her wrong decisions and that she will welcome anything that might happen in her life regardless of the outcome or effects it will have. The celebrity then jokingly says that if she had the psychic ability to see the future, she says that she would want to see and know how the viewership ratings of “While You Were Asleep” will go.