Star Magazine recently got 2NE1’s Gong Minzy to pose for their July issue of the magazine. During the interview that followed, Minzy expressed how she feels sad promoting alone.

According to Koreaboo, Minzy said she felt the same way as co-2NE1 member Dara did when she went solo: Alone. She explained that she got used to promote with a group.

“Since I was doing something alone that I used to do in a group, I did feel lonely,” said Minzy. “We were always loud and had many memorable moments, so I felt a bit sad.”

Meanwhile, aside from talking about her solo career, Minzy also talked about her experience on KBS’ “Sister’s Slam Dunk Season 2.” Together with the rest of the show’s cast, Minzy released “Right?” on May 12 which ranked 1st on all major Korean music charts upon releasing.

“I’m not a very funny person, but I wanted to show myself exactly as I am,” said Minzy. She also added how she wanted her fans and the public to know that she also has a bright and easy-going side as well.

Minzy also took the time to talk about her current agency, Music Works. According to her, Baek Ji Young, an artist of the agency, took really good care of her. Because of this, Minzy said she has a lot of trust in the agency.

Minzy also talked about her first solo album “Minzy Work 01: Uno” and said “I think my solo album showed my potential and a more mature side of me.” Minzy also added how the album felt like a diary to her.

Minzy also recently finished promoting “NINANO,” reports Soompi. The song is the title track for Minzy first solo album “Minzy Work 01: Uno.”

Minzy’s first ever album was a great success, ranking No. 2 in Billboard’s World Album Charts. It also ranked No. 10 in New Zealand’s Music Chart, and in Korea’s Gaon Music Chart as well.

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