The hit K-pop girl group, Sistar, surprised the world when they revealed that they are going to disband. Because of this, many of their fans can’t help but be disappointed with the news; however, it has just been reported that Sistar’s Dasom and Soyu have just renewed their contracts with their management company, Starship Entertainment.

Then there was Bora who decided to not resign a contract with the company. What she did instead was she opted to leave and sign with another company, Hook Entertainment. This was a surprise to most people because Bora had a very strong connection with the group. Now, people are curious as to why she decided to not renew her contract even though her other group mates did so.

According to All K-pop, Starship Entertainment said that they are currently talking about the renewal of contract with Soyu and Dasom. Now, it seems that the two have just confirmed the deal.

The management company then released a statement that they are very happy that they managed to still continue the working relationship with Dasom and Soyu. The company further states that they trust that the working relationship will go on for the next couple of years.

However, according to another report by All K-pop, it is reported that Hyolyn is still deciding whether she will renew her contract with Starship Entertainment. The reason behind this is still unknown. Perhaps it may be caused by her recent successes in her solo career, especially that she made a name for herself not only in South Korea, but throughout the world as well.

For now, Hyolyn is active and busy in preparing for her upcoming projects with Spinnin’ Records. This shows that she has finally successfully entered the international scene. On the other hand, SM Entertainment still haven’t confirmed what the upcoming projects of their newly re-signed artist have.