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May the Strongest Deliveryman prevail in new character teasers

These teasers crack me up. KBS’s upcoming youth drama Strongest Deliveryman recently released two short teasers featuring our leads, Go Kyung-pyo (Chicago Typewriter) and Chae Soo-bin (Rebel: Thief Who Stole the People). There’s absolutely nothing funny about these teasers themselves; in fact, they make the two actors look badass and effortlessly cool. But knowing that their characters are supposed to be jajangmyun delivery workers, the sexy is overkill and hilariously so.

Without context, I would have assumed that these teasers were motorcycle ads: Go Kyung-pyo and Chae Soo-bin, both dressed in leather and all-black outfits, stride towards a motorcycle, intercut with brief close-ups of their faces and the bikes. We can hear the engine revving in the background, and the chyron reads, “Strong bastards are coming, the likes of which we have not yet seen.” Both teasers end with our leads together, striking model poses in a closed Chinese restaurant, lol.

I love a good underdog story, and it sounds like Strongest Deliveryman is gearing up (hur) for an inspiring, feel-good run, following Go Kyung-pyo’s character as he rises from street deliveryman to become the CEO of his own company. I also look forward to Chae Soo-bin becoming a kickass deliverywoman and showcasing the martial arts skills she’s been hard at work at recently.

Go Won-hee (The Time I’ve Loved You) and Kim Sun-ho (Chief Kim) will play secondary leads, who are on the other side of the socioeconomic spectrum, naturally, and should provide a nice contrast to our main leads. Directing is PD Jeon Woo-sung, who worked on Oohlala Spouses, and writing is Lee Jung-woo, whose credits include Joseon Gunman.

KBS’s Strongest Deliveryman will premiere on August 4 in the Friday-Saturday slot, following The Best Hit.