Bride of Water God had 3+ % ratings, which were more than Circle ones 🙂
And Woman of Dignity saw a 5.8 rating on Saturday, which means that the makjang is attracting more viewers. It also means it can become a hit bigger than SWDBS if it goes on like that, since it has 20 episodes.

I can’t believe Lookout is ending. I have mixed feelings about SP ending, since I believe it could have been a couple of episodes shorter.
I have no opinion about Ruler and FMW since I don’t watch them.

Maybe now that these are ending, there is a chance for the other dramas to have glorious ratings finales.
After all, 2 weeks later, MSG ends on SBS, so maybe it can break 12%.
7DQ ends on KBS, and it can get higher ratings for the finale.
TBH ends on KBS too, but I doubt WOD will let them breathe even then 🙁

Anyway, thank you to the current dramas, cause the only ones that sound remotely interesting in the future for me are : Worlds Reunited and falsify

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