The long, desperate wait in Reunited Worlds

Oh no, I can just tell Yeo Jin-gu (Circle) is going to break my heart—AGAIN—in this. Posters and stills from the set of SBS’s upcoming fantasy romance Reunited Worlds have been recently released, and I’m really digging the dreamy, contemplative atmosphere of the individual posters for each of the main characters.

In Reunited Worlds, Yeo Jin-gu stars as a 19-year-old who comes back from the dead 12 years after a car accident that supposedly kills him. He’ll reunite with his childhood best friend and maybe sweetheart Lee Yeon-hee (Hwajeong), although she won’t be the teenager that he remembers, played by IOI’s Jung Chae-yeon (Drinking Solo). She’s now a kitchen assistant at the bottom of the pecking order, trying to fulfill her best friend’s dream of becoming a chef, although it doesn’t look like she has much talent in this field if she’s still an assistant after five years in the same restaurant. She does become the object of a one-sided crush from her boss though, a suave, kind chef-restaurateur played by Ahn Jae-hyun (Cinderella and the Four Knights).

Each leg of our main love triangle gets their own poster, which has them all facing upwards at the sky. I actually love what they did with these, because aside from the gorgeous, muted colors, the quote that is repeated in each could be interpreted differently per the character it accompanies, even though the words are the same. In Lee Yeon-hee’s, she says, “If I want it desperately enough, he’ll come back,” probably thinking of her late best friend. Ahn Jae-hyun, perhaps with his kitchen assistant in mind, thinks, “If I want it desperately enough, she’ll come back.” And of course, there’s Yeo Jin-gu, who smiles up at the sky, “If I want it desperately enough, I’ll come back.”

The promo team for Reunited Worlds must know what its audience wants (or okay, maybe just what I want), because the batch of stills released all include Yeo Jin-gu’s character. In one, he’s having fun with Jung Chae-yeon’s character in happier, pre-accident days, and the next shows their reunion years later, symbolically on either side of railroad tracks, both looking shocked and dazed. My favorite by far, though, has to be the one with him and his younger sister and brother. Yeo Jin-gu playing a momma bear older brother who ties his sister’s braids for her? Sign me up.

SBS’s Reunited Worlds will follow Suspicious Partner, which ends tomorrow, in the Wednesday-Thursday slot on July 19. Ack, I can’t believe that we’re starting a whole new cycle of dramas already; I just managed to get rid of my panda eyes!!

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