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B1A4’s Jinyoung recently landed the cover of the popular magazine “Big Issue” and was also interviewed during the process. However, it wasn’t all fun as the idol discussed a very hot topic regarding groups and their disbandments – the 7 year jinx!

B1A4 have been quite busy with their own individual projects but are gearing up for a comeback before the end of the year. During the interview, he said, “My biggest concerns are about B1A4’s comeback. I am working to make a song that not only the fans but the general public will like.” 

However, an interesting topic came up during the magazine interview. It is the 7th year that B1A4 have been together as a group and with many other groups not making it past the unlucky number, curiosity was buzzing for fans and their favorite boy group. 

In regards to the jinx, Jinyoung confidently replied,  “We have so many things left to do. We have so much we want to say, and we love one another too much. So I’m not scared of that.” B1A4 were last active as a group in 2016 with their 3rd studio album “Good Timing” and have been busy with their individual schedules regarding dramas and TV show programs. Are you looking forward to another great comeback from B1A4?







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