The news and the law come together for Falsify

We’ve got the second teaser for SBS’s upcoming legal thriller Falsify, as well as a slew of posters featuring each of our main players, as well as the cast together. It looks like there are a lot of clashing motivations among our lead characters and it’ll be interesting to see them either come together or end up on opposing sides of the fight for justice.

The teaser starts with Namgoong Min (Chief Kim) narrating: “There was a reporter that I liked a long time ago, and he said that to reporters, helping the weak isn’t justice, it’s common sense.” As he says this, we see his character in a dark room, as well as brief intercut scenes of someone entering a wake and a crowd of reporters clamoring for a shot in front of a police station. Jung Man-shik’s (Entertainer) detective character then threatens, “Let’s meet up just once before you die,” as he gets surrounded by reporters in front of his precinct.

Yoo Joon-sang (Pied Piper) slams Oh Jung-se (Missing 9), who must be putting in a cameo, into the wall in a stairwell, and we see Eom Ji-won’s (Master) prosecutor jump out of a police van at a crime scene. A voice says, “He doesn’t need to have committed a crime to get locked away.” Moon Sung-geun (The Tooth and the Nail) smiles to himself in an empty boardroom, which is followed by Oh Jung-se begging someone for one word of encouragement, to not give up. Aw, are you Namgoong Min’s brother, and the reporter he said he liked?