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There has been a bit of controversy surrounding the popular K-Pop show ‘Idol School’ and an idol who has a strong opinion towards the shows contents and their contestants. Super Junior’s Heechul recently spoke out saying how the show pulls in ratings through their sexualized viewer content and netizens reacted in quite a shocking way.

‘Idol School’ has received backlash from netizens complaining about how overly sexual the show has become. There were comments regarding the show using a distasteful ‘Lolita’ concept, depicting the girls in very provocative school uniforms, and even spraying the girls’ white t-shirts with water during a recording. Heechul also appears on the show as a mentor to the new trainees and had revealed his opinion on the matter.

“There were criticisms about ‘Idol School’ sexualizing the contestants. Honestly, it’s also making me very uncomfortable. Sexualization is a dangerous word. I haven’t seen the first episode yet so I can’t say anything but it was not like that at all when I was filming. If sexualization was the goal, then my agency wouldn’t have let me appear on it.”

He continued saying, “There are no parts that have been sexualized. I think recently boys and girls split into groups and fight a lot online. Boys and girls have different tastes in variety shows. I just hope viewers perceive ‘Idol School’ as a game-like variety show for the girls who’re not under entertainment agencies.”  Despite Heechul’s firm stance on the matter, netizens know sex sells so they are clearly seeing and thinking otherwise. 


Many viewers expressed their discomfort with comments such as, “The PD even said he wanted to make a healthy porn… And making those young girls get wet in uniforms and wear see-through clothes are so Lolita”, “Did they have to make them wear those Japanese style uniforms to teach them singing?”

The comments only get worse with statements like, “The youngest one is like 13-years-old. Does it make sense to make her go into a pool wearing white clothes?”, “The concept is like a Japanese porn..”

How do you feel about the program’s content? Too dirty or simply K-Pop?










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