2017 has been packed with the return of first generation idols to the music scene. These artists are back and better than ever! Many released albums to celebrate their 20+ year anniversaries. Even though the songs are brand new, one can not help but feel the nostalgia that comes with seeing these artists perform again after such long hiatuses. If you are a new Kpop fan, you will want to get familiar with these legendary artists. Check out the list below!



Uhm Jung hwa

At the end of December 2016, Kpop legend Uhm Jung Hwa made her first comeback in 8 years and released two music videos, one for “Dreamer” and another for “Watch Me Move.” She performed both songs on the end of the year festivals and had a special comeback on Mcountdown on January 5th, 2017!




On January 2, 2017, S.E.S released their 20th Anniversary Special Album “Remember,” along with the music video to the song “Paradise,” looking as great as ever.





 They have been making regular comebacks since joining YG Entertainment. In 2017 they released their The 20th Anniversary album.





The released their 13th album Unchanging in late 2016, the second part of the album in 2017 and promoted the song “Touch.”





The duo went inactive in 2005, but finally returned with a new energetic single this year after 20 years of forming the duo.





Debuting in 2000 at the tender age of 13, she grew to the Queen of Kpop with international fame. After taking a break from music to focus on her acting, she has returned with “Camo.”




Lee Hyori

The sexy diva finally returns with a new album after a four-year break.




Honorable Mention

Seo Taiji released the remake of the song “Come Back Home” done by mega-popular boy group, BTS on the “Seo Taiji 25 Project” to celebrate the 25th anniversary.





Check out the video below!