It seems that K-Pop has been nothing but a battlefield for love, left and right lately. Sadly, as quickly as they got together, Sulli and Kim Min Jun confirmed their breakup earlier today.

The two made for quite a cute couple but seemed to have had some hidden clashes that fans and media couldn’t have seen. It was reported on May 10th that the two were dating for two months prior to their public announcement, meaning they started dating in early March right after breaking up with Choiza. Sulli and Kim Min Jun met among mutual friends.

Kim Min Jun is actually a brand producer who established his own hip-hop crew called ‘360 Sounds’ back in 2005. Unfortunately though, Kim Min Jun explained his reasoning for breaking up with Sulli. Kim Min Jun announced his breakup with Sulli on his private social media account. He explained that he could no longer continue the relationship with the idol star due to “the overwhelming amount of attention.”

Now Sulli is single again and fans are hoping she will have more time to focus on her career since she has been inactive aside from her recent movie “Real.” The two had only dated for roughly 5 months before calling it quits. Hopefully, they will be happier going their separate ways.


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