The gamble for hearts and empty dishes in Strongest Deliveryman

These teasers are hilarious; if the show’s tone follows suit, I’ll be a happy camper. We’ve got two new teasers for KBS’s Strongest Deliveryman, as well as stills of our two main leads, Go Kyung-pyo (Chicago Typewriter) and Chae Soo-bin (Rebel: Thief Who Stole the People).

Both teasers start out deadly serious with our hero and heroine on opposing sides of a mahjong game. Chyrons read, “A world where you take, or get taken from,” and, “A man and woman thrown into a rough fate.” Chae Soo-bin coolly asks Go Kyung-pyo to take care of someone and bring back what’s hers. Affronted, he replies, “I’m a pro in this business, too!” She reminds him that he’ll have to offer up his body if he doesn’t fulfill his promise (rawr?). He proffers his right hand readily, but says that he has a condition, too.

This is where the teasers diverge. In the first, he says his condition is that if he returns successfully, her heart is his. Lol, the tone take a sharp right and goes all rom-com, with Chae Soo-bin sporting an adorable blush and a giddy smile. The mission also hilariously turns out to be our hero picking up all of her clients’ empty dishes. He drops the case full of dishes in front of her and goes, “I’ve got it, your heart.” Pffft, their awkward sideways glances and bashful grins are too cute.