Untold terror and strange happenings in Rescue Me teaser

Oooh, shivers just went up my spine from watching the latest teaser for Rescue Me, the upcoming psychological thriller on OCN. It captures both the youthful tone and the frightening mystery that the main characters become entangled in. Set in a small sleepy town in the countryside, a religious cult begins to take over, slowly pervading its insidious teachings to the minds of the townspeople. A neighborhood gang of four young hot-blooded boys led by Taecyeon (Bring It On, Ghost) try to rescue their first love, played by Seo Ye-ji (Hwarang), from its clutches.

The teaser opens with the cult leader, played by Jo Sung-ha (The K2), telling a young naive-looking Seo Ye-ji, “The embrace of the new god is open to anyone.” Her eyes are shut tight in what seems to be prayer, but they suddenly jerk wide open when hands grasp at her thighs. Then the scene changes to one where Jo Sung-ha is in front of a large audience of prostrate followers who sway fervently to his preachings. She passes out flyers on the street, presumably promoting the cult, and Taecyeon and one of his school buddies watch her on their motorcycles from afar.