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Get ready for a good laugh, as one creative yet crazy fan of the K-Pop boy group Block B is selling one of the strangest items yet, labeling it as merchandise from the boy group.

If you couldn’t tell from the photo above, this fan is actually selling bags of air from Block B’s recent concert. She claimed she did it so that fans who couldn’t attend the concert could experience what it was like to breathe in the same air as the idols of Block B!

It only becomes more humorous as the poster stated that she was going through tough times and needed to sell her precious bags of air to earn some many. The user stated, “The bags contain air from the first fan meeting and the second fan meeting…, Sigh… I really treasured and cherished these bags of air but money is tight these days so… I’m selling them.” 

Whether the post was a joke or not, the user has actually received legitimate interest from other online users who are interested in purchasing the bags of air. The tweet currently has over 15,000 retweets and is still circulating around Twitter. What do you think of this entrepreneur’s idea? Worth selling your own bags of air or maybe we shouldn’t hold our breath. 










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