On a recent airing of ‘Lee Su Ji’s Gayo Plaza,’ Red Velvet made a special guest appearance and opened up a lot on the show. Each member discussed something personal and shared a unique story, but Joy’s story was one of the most attention grabbing.

The story came about when member Wendy revealed that Joy is the member with the softest heart. Wendy explained, “Yesterday, she burst into tears while listening to someone’s story.” Joy interjected, “I’ll just explain it myself. We ate with Black Pink yesterday and I cried a lot while talking about our moms with Rose.” Yeri commented, “We went to eat gogi and were having a good time but they were crying at the table next to us.” 

Mothers and family are always a sensitive topic for idols, which Joy confirmed by finishing her story stating, “Rose has a warm heart. I was so touched that she was sincerely listening to my story. I’ve gained a good friend.” 

Fans commented on how happy they were to see the two girl groups getting along so nicely. It seems their personal relationship among the members is quite solid and admirable. What do you think of Joy’s heart-warming story?

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