According to a recently popular article that is circulating on Nate, the female advertising model brand newest face is dominating the CF territory that once belonged to miss A’s Bae Suzy and AOA’s Seolhyun. 


In July, this celebrity came out on top after the results, which was surveyed by the Korean Corporate Reputation Research Institute, revealed that singer Kim Sejeong ranks first among actors Kim Ji Won and Lee Sik Young. Lee was followed by Lee Jae-hyun, Kim Hee-sun, and Nine Muses Kyungli.


The survey analyzed 18,205,236 brand’s data of 50 female brand models from June 21 to July 22nd, 2017 in order to process consumers’ brand participation. In May, women’s ad model brand data increased by 106.98% from 8,795,512, proving that female CFs and advertisements bring in a lot more attention. Like most idols and rookies who starred on ‘Produce IOI,’ the CF endorsements and deals came rolling in and Sejeong was one of the many! Who knew she’d be ranked the most popular!

Fans commented their disbelief and happiness for the young singer.

1. [+302, -45] Huh??????????????????????

2. [+263, -37] She’s cute and all but… surprised she ranked #1 as a CF brand… but I guess we view things differently from the general public?

3. [+235, -35] Is she that popular?????????

4. [+31, -14] Why her when we still have Hyeri and Seolhyun?

5. [+26, -8] I have been seeing her a lot in CFs lately but I think she’ll end up like Hyeri and her bubble will eventually pop.


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