It seems either netizens or the authorities will find anything and everything to harass an idol with. Recently, Actress Kim Sa Rang, who is currently popular due to her time on ‘I Live Alone,’ was spotted at the Incheon Airport on her way to a trip to London. However, one tiny mistake got her in trouble with reporters and even the authorities.

On July 26th, reporters were waiting by the airport sidelines to snap some shots of the popular actress, yet they noticed the star doing something wrong because she was in a rush to catch her flight. The headlines stated she was seen jaywalking and crossed the street illegally on a red light, which is a violation of the law and disruption of traffic.

It seemed reporters wanted Kim Sa Rang to recognize her wrong doing and tried bringing the matter up with authorities. Kim Sa Rang’s agency responded to the news stating, “She crossed when it was a green light. She had high heels on, so in the middle of her crossing, the light changed. She and her manager stopped at first, but he told her to cross.”

However, despite her agency coming to her defense, one reporter who was at the scene told a different story. “When the light turned red, she checked to see if cars were coming and crossed. Though she constantly checked to see if a car was coming or not, she never stopped at the crosswalk.” Fans questioned if it was really that important and worth reporting though.

Netizens commented, “It’s true what she did was wrong, but I feel like the reporters are hating on her,” “She did do wrong, but why are they going after her like this,” “Her agency is frustrating,” and more. What do you think of this ridiculous situation? Should Kim Sa Rang apologize or is it all unnecessary?

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